Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Works in Progress

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers/reviewers/book lovers are authors or aspiring authors while some admit it others may not. Actually, I have been writing a lot longer than reading. In middle school I wrote poetry as a way to cope with my family issues, to keep from doing things that might hurt me, and probably other reasons I can't think of now. My point is I wrote. Was it any good? Probably not. I think back now and I probably started one story in 8th grade that I still have to this day. I should really get to work on that. I think my passion for writing grew after I started writing with a friend back in 10th grade.

These will be that stories that I'm procrastinating working on. Bits and pieces of them. When or if I finish the story or should I say book. I'll post here.

My Stories
Delilah Weston (a character outline more than anything)



  1. Ash, you've written heaps of stuff! I think at one stage or another, all us readers pick up a book and go "I could write this!" some of us just take that urge a lot more seriously. I really think your story has merit and if you ever need a sounding board, let me know. Am still stuck at work. So annoyed about the time difference.

  2. Lol. Yeah, that's not even half. I have over 100 and something poems from my teens, and then notebooks galore and files galore of other stuff. If You go here http://www.arawjourney.com/p/wips.html It has a picture of what we have managed to start.

    Oh, I definitely will.

    Yeah, the time difference keeps me confused.

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