Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review Policy

Review Policy

 Thank you in advance for your interest in letting me review a book.

  • I'd like to know you have at least given my blog a once over and know what kind of books I'm interested in. I'm usually game for trying anything once.
  • When sending me a review request be sure to have the synopsis. You don't have to go into full length detail either. Just short and sweet.
  • I will gladly accept ARCS, finished copies, self-published (I try to be supportive of all authors), and E-books. (Note: E-books usually take me a little longer. I tend to read those when I'm not at home.) I currently have a Kindle.
  •  In my reviews I include the following: Author, Publisher, page numbers, stand alone or series, outline of the story, and my thoughts. I will also include book trailers (if there's one out), quotes I like, where it came from if necessary, authors site, and anything else I find that will be of value to the reader or the story. If you have anything you would like me to add let me know, and I would be happy to add it.
  •   It usually takes me a week or so to read a book. Sometimes life does happen.  If you need a review by a certain time/date please let me know so I can arrange my reading to get it done for you.
  • I post my reviews on my blog and goodreads. If you would like it posted elsewhere such as Amazon, Library Thing, or Shelfari let me know those are currently the only other places I have accounts for.
  •  I constantly check my emails ashleyjowens (at) gmail (dot) com. Facebook a few times a day. I'm forever adding books and messing around on Goodreads. I'll check twitter maybe a few times a day. However, if you message me on twitter it sends it to my phone.
  • I've had my blog since September 2010
  • If you are an author or publisher and would like for me do an interview, or promote your book in anyway leave me a message at either my email mentioned above or on Twitter: bookserieslover
  • Remember: Please don't get offended if I decline or don't answer. I'm married now so my husband comes first. 


  1. Hi Ashley,

    My first book, Dawn’s End, a romantic fantasy, was published four months ago. Noble Young Adult publishing has launched them as e-books. I would be honored if you would review it. (This is a new branch for Noble Romance.)

    Here is my website which explains the books and who I am. I can provide the book free for you in mobi, html, or pdf format.

    Thank you for your time.


    Bonnie Ferrante

  2. Hi Ashley, Would you like to review my first book? I think it's a good fit for your interests.


  3. Hi I'm looking for your contact info for a book review/post?
    Can you email me at EdenLiterary at gmail dot com


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