Would you rather not have to go through the long list of months and so forth trying to find something that interest you. Well have no fear because I'm going to make it easier for you. (At least I hope I am).

This page will be my list of topics I have done through out this blogs life. It will all be neatly, maybe not to neat, but you get the picture placed in categories for easier findings of my top tens, rants, videos, or whatever my little heart desires to put up here. (If you want reviews that's a completely seperate page all together. So is challenges. :))

My Top Tens: These are always fun to participate in. I don't do it every week just for the fact that some list I like, and others I felt like I couldn't enjoy. It's hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Books I resolve to read in 2011 (1-4-11)
Books I hope Santa brings (12-21-10)
Coziest Places to read (12-7-10)
Fictional Best Friends (11-30-10)
Villians and Evilness (11-15-10)
Scarey stories  (10-26-10)
Fictional Crushes (10-20-10)

In My Mailboxes
This is weekly MeMe hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren. It's an awesome way to put out for others reader/bloggers radars of  books that are out there. Also away for you to get jealous! *evil smile* Just kidding NOTE- Some will have videos. The earlier ones won't.

Vlog Number 16 (2-19-11)
Vlog Number 15 (2-12-11)
Vlog Number 14 (2-6-11)
Vlog Number 13 (1-3-11)
Vlog Number 12 (1-23-11)
Vlog Number 11 (1-15-11)
Vlog Number 10 (1-8-11)
Vlog Number 9 (12-12-10)
Vlog Number 8 (12-05-10)
Number 7 (11-27-10) (had a video my dumb butt deleted on accident)
Number 6 (11-21-10) (video deleted)
Number 5 (11-13-10) (video deleted)
Vlog Number 4 (11-7-10)
Number 3 (10-31-10) (video deleted)
Number 2 (10-23-10) (Pictures)
Number 1 (Apparently I don't have a one)

Follow Friday/Blog HopsFollow Friday is hosted at and The Blog Hop is Hosted by Jen at Crazy For Book. These are both really good places for people to come together, answer the weeks question, and find new blogs. There also really good places to start if you have just began in the blogging community. :)

Sorry the begining of this one was kind messed up, but I finally got it how I wanted it. :)

Follow Friday 16/ Blog Hop 15
Follow Friday 15/ Blog Hop 14 (1-27-11)
Follow Friday 14/ Blog Hop 13 (1-20-11)
Follow Friday 13/Blog Hop 12 (1-13-11)
Follow Friday 12/Blog Hop 11 (1-7-11)
Follow Friday 12/Blog Hop 11 (12-30-10)
Follow Friday 11/Blog Hop 10 (12-23-10)
Follow Friday 10/Blog Hop 9 (12-16-10)
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Follow Friday 4/Blog Hop 2 (11-04-10)
Follow Friday 3 (10-28-10)
Blog Hop 1 (10-29-10)
Follow Friday 2 (10-21-10)
Blog Hop 0  (10-22-10)

Book Signings
Last Sacrifice Signing -Richelle Mead (12-14-10)
Ghost Town Signing - Rachel Caine (11-6-10)

Book Cover Reveals
Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Ashley's Writing: Live's Dream
Ash N Bri's Writing: Untitled: Chp 1.

2011 People's Choice Awards Clips (Twilight edition)
Artistic Me (random)
New Years resolutions Blogger Style '11(12-29-10)
RIP Toby (Rant)
Book Questionaire

Ashleys randomness (1)
Ashleys randomness (2)

Half Price books Trip (1)
Every woman Should..
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows movie review
10 things on Monday (Movie edition)
Waiting on Wed (1) Vegas Dazzle
Discussion: Books to movies
Discussion: So like what words..

Book 2 Movie News:
Book 2 Movie News: Incarceron
Book 2 Movie news: Wake Series
Book 2 Movie News: Firelight
Book 2 Movie News: The Hunger Games

Questions Answered (1)
Some signs of Book addictions