Welcome welcome I suppose your here because you want to know a little about me.

My name is Ashley and I am a BookAHolic! There I admit it I'm addicted to books. Who would have ever thought? You can ask my family or friends and they'll say I never read when I was in school. Except of course when you have to do those darn book reports then I did...sometimes.  My fascination with books and reading probably began whenever the first Twilight movie came out. I know sad huh? I saw the movie and had to read the books and then after those books I was hooked on the whole YA genere. I did however read few books before that like the Harry Potter books, The deep end of the ocean, daddys little girl, the funhouse, the godsend, and a few Mary Higgins Clark ones. I mainly got my books at Goodwill at the time. I would read the back covers, or front which ever and if it sounded interesting (mystery/thriller like) I would buy it. The books were cheap what can I say. Like I said after the twilight series I went to walmart (there's walmart again) and looked through the book selection they had and read the backs of the books and went with the Vampire Academy Series. I'm so glad I did after the first book I was hooked on them. At the time there was 3 out I believe so I had to wait for the others. it was hard I wanted to know what happened right after I finished each book so not having the next book killed me, but I dealt. After reading that series I think I just kind of hopped around from series. If you have a good back page opening (don't know what they call them) or the cover looks interesting I'm all yours. If it's paranormal in anyway that's it I have to have.

In all seriousness I buy at least 2 or 3 books with each paycheck. Unless, it's the first of the month and rents due then I can't. You know I wonder if there's such a thing as Bookaholic Anonymous? If so I think I might need to join. I guess it's better then the other addiction that I could have huh?

Enough of my bookiness for now. As I type this I'm 24 years old. I work as a Pharmacy Tech at CVS. Yes we're the ones that ask for the annoying cvs card. Don't get me wrong I like my job,but some of the stuff they come up with irritates me. It's as if we don't have anything better to do then call and annoy people at home, or whatever. I'm curious as to what these Rhode Island big wig Cvs people are thinking. Is it not enough that we have to fill our patients scripts so they can go home and get to feeling better, but we have to in my opinion do paperwork that's pointless. Just let us take care of our patients! 

When I'm not working, I spend alot of my free time at home, maybe not my home necessarily, but you get the picture. I just try to relax. I like to watch movies, curl up and read, go and take my dog on walks down by the river when it's cool outside. I enjoy writing stories, and poetry. I've been thinking about going back to school to try and pursue someting in the pharmaceutical area that's not a tech. Maybe even something in the english department. I have one pharmacist that always tells me "Ashley you should go back to school and do something in the english area.' It's funny too the way he says it I guess cause he has a thick accent.  My music taste is varied really. I'm not to picky when it comes to that. I'm pretty shy at first, but once I get to know someone I open up. I'm very close to my family (mom,brother,neices, grandma). I'm very easy to be around and I like everyone until they go and treat me bad then it's usually hard to get me to trust again.

A little this and that....
Everyone can say they're one thing but not the other but me I'm not just one thing. I'm the other thing as well. You just have to get to know me before you know both sides.
My name is Ashley
But I sometimes go by Ash
I'm 24
But I don't always act it
Im a brunette
But I have my blonde moments
I love my friends
but I hate backstabbers
I'm very talkative around friends
But I'm very shy around new people
I act like I'm tough
But I'm really very sensitive
I'm good at listening
but I have hard time giving advice
I'm very sweet
but I have my bitchy side as does everyone.
I'm easy to trust
But I don't trust easily
I love my job
but I don't always want to be there.

That is me in a nutshell. HA!


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