Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Subscription Box: Owlcrate box for September

This months theme was leading ladies.
What's in the box ranges from a few different awesome ladies in YA.
(I'm going to apologize now for the crappiness that is my camera phone. I'm not sure why the pictures are coming horrible lately.)

 Here's everything that came in the box

 This is a necklace of Katniss' Arrow. I think it's awesome.
Crystal Compass Etsy Shop

The book that was in this months box was Dumplin'.
I actually have 3 copies of this book already because
I went to her signing here, and got a copy signed to me,
1 signed for a giveaway, and I had one pre-ordered.
So I hope you all know what that means?

This is a bookmark that has the pictures of divergent Factions on it.

This is the Dauntless tote which I love.

A sticker with dumplin.

This a Keychain funko Pop.
I think it's adorable they should put these in here more.

A card with Hermione on it. It's actually prettier in person.

Another card with Hermione and Crookshanks on it.

A Letter from Julie Murphy, author of Dumplin'

Then the spoiler card that comes in the box every month. :)

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