Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never judge a person by what they read...

unless of course it's one of those...well I won't go into that...just kidding.

I haven't posted anything since Thursday, and I'm usually good at posting something at least once a day. It was just one of those weeks where you're like just end already. I mean I actually had a good "book week" even though I hadn't bought anything. I'm sure you'll see what I mean in future IMMs. Anyways, I was reading things on facebook and came upon this picture <---that Leah Clifford shared, and I love it.(Credit to Sarahenni) I mean we need to go make signs like these and post them in the YA book section of the stores. We can totally pull a ninja job. In and out in no time. :)

Also while reading the comments on that site there was a link that led to the picture above (credit to Babbling Flow). If you read about middle way down in pink it says "hey, it's get your reading material from the popular teen fiction table at Barnes and Nobles. Hello, Hunger Games!"  I love both of these pictures so I figured I'd shae them with the rest of my followers in case you don't get to see them. :) Do you know of any other shout-outs to YA or have you seen any around?

It's nice to know that it gets recognized sometimes. I'll try and post reviews sometime this week if my mood changes. I will be guest posting over at Alison Can Read for her Twilight Month. So look out for that post. :)


  1. I used to say the books were for my younger sister :P Now I read 'em with pride!

  2. SR- LOL I don't have anyone I can blame it on. Well, maybe my nieces.

  3. lol, I love those pics! Esp. the first one! ;) Eh, I still fit in the category of YA, so it's all good! (For now! :P) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am totally proud to be a YA reader. We should all get together and do an international YA reader day or something to show that we aren't bothered by all the bad press :)

  5. Lan- That would be cool.

    Jen- We'll always be YA at heart.

  6. I don't really have any shame in shopping in the YA section, but now that you've brought it up I do notice a lot of the teens staring at me. I guess I just don't really care. As a matter of fact when I see other mothers in YA I often strike up a conversation to find out what sort of book they are looking for so I can bombard them with recs. Borders pretty much knew if I was in YA they didn't need an employee over there to help, lol. Now B&N is VERY different and will take some getting used to, but their employees really seem to be clueless to the YA stuff. Anyway, yes, YA books are NOT just for the YA's!

  7. Jen- :)

    Candace- every time I go into a major bookstore no one comes to see if I need any help, but you go to the smaller ones and they always ask.

  8. Awesome post! Any time I start to feel ashamed for wandering into the YA section I just pull my shoulders back and remind myself, I'm about to read something great. :)

  9. Molli- I agree. I've read a few adult books, and while I liked them. I don't love them like I do my YA. :)


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