Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sharing with the Group: Ending July

This was my video from last week.

Audio Books
Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate
The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson
Crossed by Ally Condie

Rusk Koozie
Rusk Pen
Rebel Mechanics button
Ink and bone buttons
Ink and Bone bracelet
Hanged man button

Tour Book
Never, Sometimes, Always by Adi

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman

Enders by Lissa Price
When we met by Various Authors
The Night We Said by Lauren Gibaldi (came in my owlcrate box)
Smoked by Ellen Hopkins
Defy by Sara B. Larson
Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson (signed)
Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine (signed)
The Hanged Man by P.N Elrod (signed)

Book Subscription Box: Owlcrate Main

What is Owlcrate you ask.

Owlcrate is a subscription service that sends you magical monthly boxes tailored to a chosen theme. Each OwlCrate will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish treats to help you get your nerd on.

May Box (2015)
June Box (2015)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Subscription Box: Owlcrate box for July

Here's are y reaction to what's in the box and below the video are some pictures. :)

What I got in the July Owlcrate Box
This was everything in July's Box

Julys book was The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Giabaldi

Here's a bookmark and a bookplate signed by the author

This is a bracelet that says "Until the very end." which is from the Harry Potter books.

another picture of the bracelet

This was a button that says "The Pepper pots"

This is the card that tells you everything that came in the box.
These are some postcards

Some owl sticky notes.

Book Subscription Box: Uppercase box for July

From the Uppercase Website
"Uppercase is a young adult book subscription box. Simply put: You sign up and receive a YA book and a bookish goody every month! Plus the subscription comes with online access to extras like a live book discussion & recommendations for similar books."
Today I will be revealing what I got in my uppercase box for the month of July.

This was all the things in the July Box

Little Library card socks. I'm afraid to wear them and get them dirty.

The book that was in this month's box was Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

This was one side of a coffee holder. I think it deals with the book.

Here is the other side.

These were exclusive bookmarks. Aren't they awesome?

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters who are book nerds too!

Hi everybody! How's everyone's week been going? 

 If you want to see all the other top ten post head on over to The Broke and the Bookish.

Todays topic:
Book nerd characters

I cheated a bit and went with characters from books, tv shows, and movies. :)

1. Hermione Granger (Books,Movies)
You can't have this list without her. You just can't!
2. Rory Gilmore (Tv Show)
Let's face it when you have your own reading list online you know you're a book nerd
3. Belle (Movie)
When you get your own library you know your a book nerd. Belle's library is one that all book nerds would love to have.
4. Matilda Wormwood (Movie, Book)
Matilda is the sweetest little book nerd.
5. Daria Morgendorffer (Tv Show)
She maybe a bit sarcastic, but loves her books. I loved her show. I even own the full seasons on DVD 
6. Jess Mariano (Tv Show, The Gilmore Girls)
I think I liked Jess more then I liked Dean.
7.Kaus Baudelaire (Movie, Book)
I haven't read the books or seen the movie. I found him on alot of lists though.
8. Jo March (Book)
I have yet to read the book.
9. Spencer Reid (Tv Show)
He's always quoting from books, and he's a hot book nerd.
10. Lisa Simpson (Tv show)
I'm not a big Simpsons fan, but I know she's the smart bookish one.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blog Tour: Book Promo: Dateline Purgatory


Title: Dateline: Purgatory
Author: Kathy Cruz
Publisher: TCU Press
ISBN: 978-0-87565-610-6
Price: $22.96

Non-Fiction, True Crime

In the wake of more than 1,500 exonerations across the country (150 of which were for inmates on death row) and growing demands for reforms within the justice system, award-winning journalist Kathy Cruz uses a new lens to examine the controversial Darlie Routier case - and what may be a true Texas mystery.


In Dateline: Purgatory, Cruz enlists current day legal experts to weigh in on the shocking transgressions that resulted in one of the country's most troubling death penalty convictions. With the help of the infamous death row inmate and a former FBI Special Agent known as "Crimefighter," the veteran journalist would find that her journey through Purgatory was as much about herself as it was about the woman dubbed "Dallas' Susan Smith."

Darin_and_Darlie.jpgUnder a starry sky on the snowy slopes of Purgatory, Colo., Darlie Lynn Peck linked her destiny with that of an ambitious young man from Lubbock, Texas named Darin Routier. Ten years later, a horrific crime known as "6-6-6" would thrust the couple into the national spotlight.

Devon_and_Damon.jpgThe brutal murders of young Devon and Damon Routier in the early morning hours of June 6, 1996, would put their mother - Darlie Routier - at the heart of one of the most notorious murder cases in modern Texas history - despite her own throat having been slashed to within 2 millimeters of her carotid artery.

The actions of a small town police department and Dallas County's justice system created a perfect storm that swept up the young mother and landed her on death row. There she has remained, in a 9-feet-by-6-feet cell, despite claims of her innocence by those who know her, findings about the alarming fallibility of bloodstain analysis - and her husband's admission that at the time of the murders he was soliciting help to stage a home burglary to commit insurance fraud.

What people are saying about Dateline: Purgatory

“Everybody knows the Texas criminal justice system doesn’t work, but few know why and how. Kathy Cruz does, and Dateline: Purgatory proves it. This richly detailed and well-narrated book affords a view of the Texas system rarely seen by the outside world. It shows how ambitious prosecutors, compliant judges, and naïve jurors can make for a lethal combination. It also shows the terrible human cost involved when justice becomes what it is in Texas: a team sport in a rigged game. Anyone who wants to understand the true nature of Texas injustice should read this book. Ms. Cruz has done the world a favor by writing it.” – Jeff Blackburn, founder and chief counsel, Innocence Project of Texas

“I thought I knew all that there was to know about Darlie Routier – the woman at the center of the most talked about murder case in modern Texas history. Then I started reading Dateline: Purgatory. Kathy Cruz's book is not only a masterful piece of investigative reporting, it's a beautifully written narrative, filled with characters that seem to come straight out of fiction. Almost twenty years after Darlie's two sons were murdered, the twists and turns in this saga still remain utterly riveting. I promise you that after reading Dateline: Purgatory, you will not be able to stop wondering what really happened to Darlie and her family.” -- Skip Hollandsworth, executive editor, Texas Monthly

“With relentless research that rivals her provocative writing, veteran journalist Kathy Cruz makes a powerful argument for reopening the case of the Texas homemaker at the heart of one of the nation's most unsettling death penalty convictions. The reasons why we all should be suspicious of how this conviction was won, along with details of how Cruz's destiny crossed with that of Darlie Routier, make for a riveting read.” -- Mike Cochran, author, Texas vs. Davis: The Only Complete Account of the Bizarre Thomas Cullen Davis Murder Case

“Dateline: Purgatory will make you feel. Then, it will make you think. And hopefully, after that, you will want to act. I did, because once an execution is carried out, there's no correcting it.”-- Michael Morton, author, Getting Life: An Innocent Man's 25-Year Journey from Prison to Peace


Cruz_headshot.jpgKathy Cruz is a former reporter for The Dallas Morning News, now working as a staff writer at the Hood County News in Granbury, 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth. She has won numerous Journalist of the Year honors from Texas press associations, as well as many other awards from regional, state and national press associations. She is the co-author of You Might Want to Carry a Gun: Community Newspapers Expose Big Problems in Small Towns. Cruz is the recipient of five awards for excellence in legal reporting, including a Texas Gavel Award and four Stephen Philbin Awards from the Dallas Bar Association – two of which were grand prizes.


Books may be purchased by calling 1-800-826-8911, visiting, or visiting your local bookstore.


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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top Ten Tuesady: We need Diverse books

Hi everybody! How's everyone's week been going? 

 If you want to see all the other top ten post head on over to The Broke and the Bookish.

Todays topic:
Diverse Books

The First Five books are ones I have on my shelf.
1. Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey
2. Everything leads to you by Nina Lacour
3. Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham 
4. More happy than not by Adam Silvera
5. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

The last five are ones that I don't have by are on my list to read
6. Soundless by Richelle Mead
7. The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough
8. Nobody's Goddess By Amy McNulty
9. 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger
10. Written in the stars by Aisha Saeed
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